The importance of Volatility

With cash deposit interest rates being so low the effect of inflation is not just eroding your capital values it is destroying it. The only way that people can enjoy capital growth is to invest in equity type investments with a good diversification of assets. So what prevents more people from doing this, well put quite simply ignorance and fear, ignorance of the true effect of capital erosion and the proper behavioural policy to adopt when investing into equities coupled to the fear of volatility. Well let me assure you of something markets go up and markets go down, but they bounce as history has proven time and time again and this is in effect volatility, volatility is not your investment enemy it is your friend because without it there would be no opportunity for growth, a good fund Manager identifies medium to long term opportunities and buys when the markets are down and sells when they are up, this is known as buying low and selling high or pound cost averaging.
Inexperienced investors do the opposite they buy high and sell low, it may sound perverse but the best time to get into the Markets is when they are low not high, any fool can make money in a rising market.
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